Dico is over!

Dico was a fun adventure and graduation project, however, we since stopped maintaining it as our - creators of Dico - paths split following our successful graduation. Learn more ->

Dico - Hardcoded strings into editable content | Product Hunt

Hardcoded strings into editable content in seconds

Discharge developers from editing the wording: with Dico, everyone in your team can update the hardcoded strings of web apps.

Developers won't be in charge of editing the wording anymore

Replace hardcoded strings by Dico keys from the code. Values are then editable by anyone from Dico UI.

Easy translations

Like i18n, but pleasant to use

No more keys in JSON files to write for each locale. With Dico keys, adding locales takes a click.

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Login form🇫🇷French5 keysTitleSalut toi !SingularPreviewEmail LabelEmail+ add variantPreviewEmail Placeholderjohn.doe@exemple.com+ add variantPreviewPassword LabelMot de passe+ add variantPreviewPassword Placeholder**********+ add variantPreview
ConjugaisonSingularPluralA/B TestingLadyYoung man+ add variant

Smart collections

Fill in a collection or create a new one? No worries, Dico does it for you

Dico can suggest the existing collections or create new ones for you: just write code.

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Role-based access control

Choose who can edit the content

Keep your wording safe from unauthorised or accidental editing.

Your team4 usersDarrell StewardDevelopperOwnerCourtney HenryEditorCan editJenny WilsonEditorCan editDarrell StewardEditorCan edit
OwnerCan editRead only

Reviewing system

Keep control on every modification. No place for mistakes

Visualize your created keys before each deployment. Create, edit at will, and validate: you pushed it to production.

Login form5 keysTitleLog in+ add variantPreviewEmail LabelEmail+ add variantPreviewEmail Placeholderjohn.doe@example.com+ add variantPreviewPassword LabelPassword+ add variantPreviewPassword Placeholder**********+ add variantPreview
PublishAll keys will be added to typeful dicoPublish